Auto lock - Nylon Zippers Rolls,3# sold by the metre

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Color: Coffee 304
Size: 3#
Length: 1 meter 2 slider

The Auto Lock - Nylon Zippers Rolls, 3# sold by the metre is a high-quality zippers product offered by Dorcas Fashion Academy. This product is perfect for various sewing and tailoring projects, especially in the Zippers & Closures category. Made from durable and long-lasting nylon material, these zippers are designed to provide secure closure for garments, bags, and other fabric items. The auto lock feature ensures that the zipper stays in place once locked, preventing accidental openings.

Available in a wide range of vibrant and stylish colors including Coffee 304, Light Blue 168, Black 322, Deep Purple 170, Orange 157, White 101, Red wine 163, Golden 111, Red 162, Grass Green 243, Rose Red 144, Green 234, Light Purple 166, Light Grey 310, Yellow 110, Dark Blue 223, Lake Blue 206, Khaki 308, Gray 316, and Pink 134.

The zippers are of Size 3# and can be purchased in various lengths such as 1 meter with 2 sliders, 2 meters with 4 sliders, 3 meters with 6 sliders, 5 meters with 10 sliders, and 10 meters with 20 sliders. With these unique features and a wide array of color options, this Auto Lock - Nylon Zippers Rolls, 3# sold by the meter is the perfect choice for any sewing or tailoring project, providing both functionality and style.

Customer Reviews

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Deena Johnson
Nice Quality for Price

Nice quality, good value.

Perfect for me!

. I liked the smaller size teeth for the coin purse portion

Great color selections

. This is my first time using a zipper with pulls by yard, so I YouTubed a couple videos. It was pretty easy to insert the pull and then cut the zipper in length I needed. Will definitely order again when I run out of these