Embroidery Adjustable Lap Stand Hoop

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Size: 29x44.5cm

Cross Stitch Rack

Adjustable Cross Stitch Rack

Embroidery Hoop

 Embroidery Frame Stand

Round Embroidery Lap Frame


The spacing can be freely adjusted, suitable for round embroidery stretch, square varity shaped embroidery stretch.
The embroidery stretch part can be turned 360 degrees, suitable for their own comfortable Angle.
Can clip embroidery stretch for 0-2cm thickness, suitable for various specifications of embroidery stretch.

29x44.5cm/11.4x17.5 inches; Adjustable High: 17.5cm/6.9 inches
29x49.5cm/11.4x19.5 inches; Adjustable High: 20cm/7.9 inches

Package Includes:

1 Set Adjustable Cross Stitch Rack